Secured Loans

Secured Loan Comparison

Making a secured loan comparison will be vital if you are shopping for a personal loan and think you could get the most of taking it our secured with an asset. Using an on-line price comparison tool is a great way to get an unbiased quote on lenders' products throughout the UK as these sites can give you solid information with which to compare interest rates, term times, due dates, conditions, locations and application settings. With all this information you can make a solid secured loan comparison. You may be asking, however, whether or not a home secured loan deal is worth the hassle.

This is a pretty common question when the notion of taking out an asset backed lending product comes onto the table. The general wisdom is that, in comparison with unsecured debt, secured debt is far, far more risk heavy and stressful. Though this is accurate on some levels, on others it is not such a fair comparison and there are great benefits to taking out an asset backed loan instead of an unsecured one. In order to highlight these and look at the main concerns you should be having if you are making a secured loan comparison, this guide will take you through some of the key areas.

The Benefits

The main benefit related to non-asset backed lending is pretty straightforward. You get the capital without having to put any of you or your family's property on the line. That means if you do default and miss payments, the lender will simply wreck your credit rating and not take away your home, car or boat. Obviously taking that risk off the table will help you rest easier at night but it does not necessarily make budgetary sense and it does not always offer the best value.

Unsecured lending generally comes with a low capital amount as the lender has no security should you default. In comparison with a secured loan, this means they are more likely to come out with nothing if things go wrong, so they will be much less likely to offer you a high amount. If you are taking out a secured loan, however, the lender will be much more forthcoming with a large sum of money. The terms of repayment will also be much, much better as well. The term period will be longer and the interest rate will be much, much more manageable.

If there is no collateral the lender will want their money back as quickly as possible and with as much interest as possible but when you make a secured loan comparison you do not need to worry about that. The creditor has the security of your asset and will open up the negotiation of terms hugely. So, while that unsecured loan may have seemed less risky, the sudden arrival of high cost repayments and large interest percentages may make it seem a much more troublesome debt in comparison with the secured kind, once you begin the repayment term.


The big risk when you make a secured loan comparison is, of course, that you might default and, if you do, that the asset you put on the line will be seized by your creditors. If this is your family home, as it often will be, this worry will be extremely sharp so you will want to know what the risks are when you make your secured loan comparison. The good news is that property is generally not seized straight away. Though lenders have the right to take the asset once a single payment has been missed they will generally give the debtor three to four months to repair the arrears.

Comparison Sites

Finding the right secured loan comparison site for you is not always easy. Some sites are better than others and are more reliable in the information they offer. Make sure that the site is professional looking and has no affiliations directly with major lending companies. This means that the secured loan comparison you make will come with unbiased information, stated in black and white and with as much user friendly presentation as possible. Once you have found the right site you can begin comparing prices, safe in the knowledge you are getting information that is helpful as opposed to just a sales pitch.

When you decide to take out credit you may think that the only safe way to do so is to take it out unsecured. In reality, however, asset backed debt can often be much easier to manage and more lucrative. Therefore, if you are considering the possibility of borrowing a large amount of money, you should make a secured loan comparison. Putting up some collateral can often be the best way to really get the most from a credit agreement.