Secured Loans

Secured Auto Loans

Purchasing secured auto loans might be the best way for you to purchase a car if you live in the UK. Many people now use loans for their first auto buy as it is the only way they can afford the vehicle they want without waiting a number of years. By paying for it in instalments through a lender the care does not represent such a big expense and the overall affect on your spending power can seem less intense. Most car loans are unsecured, meaning they are not backed up by any kind of asset as collateral.

Unsecured lending is quite advantageous as it does not represent the high risk of a secured car loan deal. Secured loans have the the added risk of putting one of your assets on the line and, as it is needed to cover the value of your car, it is likely to be a big one. That's why the traditional wisdom that secured auto loans are more trouble than they are worth is generally held up as fact. This is, however, not the whole truth as there are actually a huge number of advantages to taking out secured auto loans that borrowers should consider.

The Benefits

The main benefits related to using a secured as oppose to an unsecured borrowing is related to the lessening of risk you represent to the lender. As you have now put a property of value on the line you lender will be much more forthcoming with positive conditions on your agreement which you need to take into account. For example, by securing your auto loan with an asset you will be in line for a much larger advancement of capital with which to purchase the vehicle in question.

Also, as your lender now sees that you now have a much greater amount of investment in paying them back, they will become much more lenient with the terms of your agreement. Secured auto loans will have a much longer repayment tim The than unsecured debt, as the lender is happy for you to take more time, knowing that you have as much on the line, if not more, than they do. The asset you put down is also a kind of bargaining chip in terms of interest rates. A lender who is being offered an asset as collateral will be much more likely to give you a low rate of interest.

Bad Credit

As well as the advantage mentioned above, secured auto loans can also be a great help for those with bad credit ratings in the UK. If you want to buy a car but need credit and have a history of lending problems, it may be the case that getting a personal loan with no security is beyond you. In this case a secured auto loan may be your best option. The extra security of the asset will make lenders more likely to discuss terms with you. You might even find it is a better deal than a secured loan.


The main assets that are put up as part of secured auto loans are either your home or the car itself. Many people are nervous about putting their home on the line and it is pretty clear why. If you default it means the lender has the right to seize your property and, though that usually doesn't happen, it can and the mere possibility is enough to put many people off. If, however, you are sure that the budget you have for paying off the debt is realistic and workable, you should be able to take out these auto loans and pay them off successfully.

Many people back their secured auto loans with the car itself. This has quite a few advantages. For one thing it requires no extra valuation as the price of the car is, logically, the same as the loans. This way of securing an auto loan also gives borrowers a little more sense of security than putting their home up as collateral as the potential loss does not appear as great. Defaulting on loans where the car you purchased is all you lose is not seen as so bad as losing the family home which you have had for years.

Secured auto borrowing helps many people each year to purchase the car they want before they have the money to buy it outright. Secured auto loans may be of great help to you if you either have bad credit or are having difficulty finding an unsecured loan which offers an affordable rate of interest. So, begin your search for lenders today and consider the advantages of secured auto loans. It might be just the thing you need to get the car of your dreams.